Terminal Service
Vital statistics
Type Branch Office
Level Unknown
Location Terminal Service #1 - Behind the SAI headquarter
Inhabitants Unknown

The Terminal Service is a branch office of SAI Corporation that responsible for retrieving Giftia from their owner.


Interior of Terminal Service #1

Because of the lifespan of a Giftia is 81,920 hours (roughly nine years and four months), and if they pass their expiration date, it causes personality disintegration, memory loss and outbreaks of violence. As a result, the employees of the Terminal Service (responsible for retrieving androids who are close to reaching the end of their service lives and erasing the androids' memories) must retrieve the Giftia from their owners. Those assigned to the Terminal Service work in teams consisting of a human (called a "spotter") and a Giftia (called a "marksman").

In Terminal Service #1, the Spotter has the responsibility to watch over their partner. the Spotter is also able to negotiate with the Giftia's owner and offer them 3 options. 30 % discount to immediately return the Giftia, Have it until the end of Giftia's lifespan, or Install new OS, so that the Giftia can have their old body, but with a new personality and no memories of it's past life. Meanwhile, the Marksman has the responsibility to negotiate with the target Giftia and the owner, Marksman then deactivates the Giftia by mounting the deactivation ring.

Known Employees Edit

Terminal Service #1 Edit

Takao Yamanobe - Section Manager

Kazuki Kuwanomi - Field Manager, Spotter

Ren Kawarake - Secretary

Yasutaka Hanada - Spotter

Michiru Kinushima - Spotter

Tsukasa Mizugaki - Spotter

Isla - Marksman

Constance - Marksman

Sherry - Marksman

Zack - Marksman

Mikijiro Tetsuguro - Head of the Unit Testing Room, Engineer

Eru Miru - Engineer, Unit Testing Room's Staff

Terminal Service #3 Edit

Andie - Marksman

Trivia Edit

  • The Terminal Service #1 is the only Terminal Service that uses emotional approach agents that target Giftias and their owners, a technique first introduced by Isla. This differs with other Terminal Services, like Andie's, who works more technically and ignores emotion.