Takao Yamanobe
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Vital statistics
Position Section Chief
Birthday Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Horoscope Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 135cm
Weight 72kg
Takao Yamanobe is the Section chief for the terminal service 1. Although he is in charge of the small office located behind the SAI tower, he leaves all duties and works to Kazuki Kwanomi.

Personality Edit

Although Takao's personality is not revealed, his age and job can infer that he is no more than a middle-aged father. He shows sympathy and approval for Isla and Tsukasa's relationship. It is shown he has a clear love for Isla's tea, as he is shown always asking Isla for her to make him tea.

History Edit

As Section Chief, Takao was charged numerous times by the head SAI directors for his failure at work. With his support of Isla’s plan to care for its retreat target, Takao has been shown to receive disapproval and rancor from other head SAI directives.

Takao is also shown to have a family, as he frequently talks about them while giving his advice to Tsukasa . Although not much is shown, he is said to have a daughter.