Souta Wakanae
Vital statistics
Position Civilian
Birthday Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Horoscope Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Souta is the owner of the Giftia Marcia. He was a boy of a peaceful family before all of his parents passed away. Souta is a depressed child who constantly suffers from trauma and identify crisis. 

History Edit

Souta Wakanae is the last remaining member of the Wakanae family. He used to live an ordinary life with his guardian Giftia Marcia, until she was retrieved. As a guardian, Marcia decided to keep a secret about Souta’s parent’s death. This made him very untrusting of others, and made him have an identity crisis. Unfortunately, Marcia’s retrieval was intercepted by black market dealers, making her live her life passed her expiration date. This resulted in Marcia becoming a wanderer. When Souta follows Isla’s retrieval team with Tsukasa, he ends up getting hurt and assaulted by Marcia. He is eventually saved by Tsukasa, but leaves Souta emotionally wounded.

Personality Edit

Souta is an innocent child bearing heavy chains to his dark history. Not only did he have to face the death of his parents, he had to face the secretary of his father’s death from his only guardian Martia, mistrust and uncertainty from Marcia, and having to be assaulted and hurt by Marcia after she goes rogue as a wanderer.  This dark history has made Souta absorbed into depression and darkness, as he constantly suffers from identity crisis, mistrust, and anxiety.