Vital statistics
Position Giftia
Birthday Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Horoscope Unknown
Status Retrieved
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Nina (ニーナ?) is a Giftia owned by Ms. Chizu Shirohana.

Personality Edit

Nina has a good and nice personality just like a young child. Nina also appears to care for her Grandma as she tells to Isla.

Appearance Edit

Nina is a Giftia who has a young child appearance (About 5 to 7 years old). She wears pink clothes and a skirt.

History Edit

Nina was a Giftia raised by Chizu Shirohana. Chizu really loves Nina and treats her like a Granddaughter.

Nina helped Isla and Terminal Service's employees to get permission from

her Grandma. Nina was knows about their jobs that she will being retrieved. Nina realizes to Isla that she want to stay with her Grandma for a longer time, but she can't do that because she'll break if things go on like that. She want to say goodbye to her Grandma with smile.

Before being deactivated, Nina delivering her last advices for Chizu, and breakdown in tears. After that, Nina was deactivated with smile.

Trivia Edit

  • Nina was first Giftia to being retrieved by Isla and Tsukasa team.
  • According to fans, Nina's emotional retrieved in the first episode making this to be the "saddest first episode ever in anime".

Quotes Edit

  • (To Isla) "You're just like Grandma. See, I love taking care of Grandma like this. But she always gets annoyed with me. I guess she doesn't admit that she's getting old."
  • "I do. I do, but if things go on like this, I'll break, and then I'll cause trouble for everyone. And if that happens, I'm sure grandma will be sad. Whatever makes Grandma sad makes me sad too. That's why I can't be with her anymore."
  • "....I wish i could say goodbye to her with smile."