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Michiru Kinushima
Vital statistics
Position Spotter
Birthday July 26th
Blood Type A
Horoscope Leo
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Michiru Kinushima is a Spotter at Terminal Service #1, and is partnered with Zack. She is Tsukasa Mizugaki's senior and mentor at Terminal Service, but is one year younger than he is.

Personality Edit

Michiru is shown to be moderately hot-headed, and she takes her job very seriously. However, she is shown to also have a softer, more romantic side, though she tries to keep it hidden because of her Tsundere personality. Michiru cares deeply for Tsukasa and Isla's relationship and does anything she can to support them.

Appearance Edit

Michiru has long, orange hair that reaches her waist. She has blue eyes and wears a short red tie around her neck. She wears a white and pink uniform and long black leggings. After work hours, Michiru is usually seen with her hair in a plait and wears red-framed rectangular glasses.

In the epilogue in the last episode, Michiru sports shorter hair, reaching to her shoulders.

History Edit

Before the start of anime series, Michiru was formerly in the care of a Giftia acting as her father. However, her father reached the end of his lifespan whilst she was in his care, and thus he became a wanderer. Isla and Kazuki Kuwanomi were assigned to Michiru's case, and Kazuki received an injury trying to recover Michiru's father-turned-wanderer. Because the retrieval went south, R. Security was called in to eliminate Michiru's father. This situation and the following developments led to Michiru hating R. Security, but respecting Terminal Service. She has stated that this incident was what made her want to join the company.

Michiru and Zack takes the role of Tsukasa's mentors and shows him the outline of their job in Terminal Service. During the story, Michiru often blames Tsukasa for the incompetencies of his work (in Tsundere ways). Michiru also often disturbed Tsukasa's interaction with Isla. even though Michiru actually cares about Tsukasa.

Michiru was really shocked when she knew about Isla's remaining life span, which was only about 1 month. She did not know about this and felt guilty toward Tsukasa and Isla. Michiru suggested the other Terminal Service #1 employees to make a farewell party after Tsukasa and Isla do their last job.

Michiru was present in Isla's Last Day with the other staff. After Isla's retrieval, Michiru is shown reading Isla's letter in tears.

Relationships Edit

  • Tsukasa Mizugaki- Michiru has been shown to have feelings for Tsukasa and has repeatedly expressed jealousy when she saw him with Isla, but due to her respect for boundaries, she has avoided pursuing Tsukasa. Upon speaking with Tsukasa one night and hearing his reasons for loving Isla, she assured him that she would be cheering him on in his pursuit of Isla.
  • Isla - At first, Michiru feels jealous towards Isla when she sees her with Tsukasa, but after Michiru sees how well the two of them get along, she decides to push her jealousy aside in order to help the two of them out.
  • Kazuki Kuwanomi - Kazuki was the one in charge of retrieving Michiru's father and continued to pursue him when he soon turned into a Wanderer. When she found Michiru and her guardian, she tried to approach them without attacking them until R. Security appeared and violently attacked her guardian. In the process, Kazuki received a serious injury in her leg that makes Michiru feel guilty. After her guardian was retrieved, Kazuki continuously came to visit her, inspiring her to eventually work at Terminal Service.
  • Zack - Zack is Michiru's partner. As her partner, the two of them work and live together in the company's dorms. Zack always teasing Michiru because of her Tsundere personality.
  • Eru Miru - Michiru is Eru's friend and always keeps an eye out for her and tells others not to mind Eru's perverted schemes.

Trivia Edit

  • Michiru is very skilled in cooking, because she already did it since she was a child.
  • She is a senior of Tsukasa, even though she is one year younger than him, Michiru is 17 years old and Tsukasa 18 years old.
  • Michiru was the main character in Manga Spin-off "Plastic Memories - Say to Good-bye" (プラスティック・メモリーズ Say to good-bye)

Quotes Edit

  • "It's more cruel to give someone false hope, you know"
  • "Losing sight of who you really are... that can be pretty scary"

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