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Vital statistics
Position Marksman (Giftia)
Birthday August 5th
Blood Type N/A
Horoscope Leo
Status Retrieved
Physical attributes
Height 160cm
Weight 48 kg

Isla was a Giftia who was said to be the top Giftia marksman of the Terminal Service #1. She was previously partnered with Kazuki Kuwanomi. After her partnership with Kazuki was dissolved, she became the partner of Tsukasa Mizugaki.

Personality Edit

Isla was introduced as showing almost no emotion, but has since developed more. She is very innocent, and often has difficulty understanding how social situations should work. When it comes to Tsukasa, Isla becomes jealous easily and is eager to be impressive and useful to him.

Isla cares deeply about the feelings of others. It has been stated that she was the first employee of Terminal Service #1 to cater to the needs and emotions of her clients. The rest of the staff later followed Isla's example at Kazuki's request.

Appearance Edit

Isla is usually seen having long, silver pigtails. She has red eyes and usually wears a white uniform that lays above her knees. She is one of the shortest characters in the series. Isla wears white boots that matches her uniform. Before regaining her true feelings of happiness with Tsukasa, Isla only used to dress in her standard issue uniform and nothing else. However, her affection and her love life have changed her to be more active and happy, thus wearing different outfits to dates and meetings with Tsukasa.

History Edit

Though Isla was previously Kazuki Kuwanomi's partner, Kazuki dissolved their partnership after the attempted retrieval of Michiru's father went poorly and ended with Kazuki sustaining an injury and the retrieval target being shot down by R. Security.

When Isla's partnership with Kazuki ended, Isla did not do any field work until her partnership with Tsukasa began. Rather, she spent her time doing desk work and serving tea.

Isla is reaching the end of her lifespan, and only has about 1,000 hours left. Her body is shown to have constant declines in her physical attributes. Upon learning Tsukasa decided to stay Isla's partner until the very end because of the love he feels for her. However, Kazuki dissolved Tsukasa and Isla's partnership shortly after hearing about Tsukasa's confession of love for Isla

After Isla's partnership with Tsukasa was dissolved, she became Kazuki's partner again, which turned out to be step one of Kazuki's plan to attempt to give Tsukasa and Isla a happy ending.

 Relationships Edit

Tsukasa Mizugaki - Tsukasa was very kind to Isla from their first meeting. Isla has feelings for him, but after Tsukasa confessed his feelings for her, Isla rejected him at first. She first has difficulty to either spend her remaining life with Tsukasa, or avoid him. While she does love him, she feels that spending time might make him more miserable and depressed when she is gone. Thus, she decides to avoid him at all costs, so that the impact of her death would not be so big to Tsukasa. However, he soon convinces her that he wants to live with her until the end. 

Kazuki Kuwanomi - Isla has great memories with Kazuki during their first time partnership. But after retrieval of Michiru's Father and lost Kazuki her leg, Kazuki decided to dissolve their partnership, thinking it is better for Isla. Kazuki realizes that was wrong to be like that. So, during Isla's second partnership with Tsukasa,Tsukasa persuades her to understand her current and the similar situation from when they were partners by telling the reason why their partnership was dissolved in the first place. She came to realize that and thought of staying with him. Eventually, Isla worked up the courage to face Tsukasa and declare her feelings for him.

Michiru Kinushima - Isla has admitted to Michiru that she has feelings for Tsukasa, saying that her heart begins to pound and that she starts to feel confused whenever she thinks about him. Isla always asks for advice from Michiru about her relationship to Tsukasa.

Psychology Edit

Isla is a giftia that already has her own philosophy about the Giftia's lifespan. While she does plant hope within other giftias by wishing them luck, she also is aware of all giftia's dark end. When retrieving all giftias, she tells them "I hope that someday, you'll be reunited with the one you cherish". Her words symbolize that while memories can be lost, it can never disappear. This means that the precious memories of life is both remembered by the giftia and its owner. While giftias can have their memories lost, its owner will always have a memory. Thus, giftias can still be reunited with its owner. Therefore, Isla always wishes them luck for giftias to be reunited. 

Quotes Edit

  • Isla to giftias before retrieving them, "I hope that someday, you'll be reunited with the one you cherish"

Gallery Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • When Tsukasa is introduced to his new partner at the end of episode 13, the character's shoes are the same as Isla's shoes but without socks.