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Vital statistics
Position Marksman
Birthday July 26th
Blood Type A
Horoscope Leo
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Constance is a male giftia. He is now Kazuki's partner, ever since Isla and Kazuki disbanded. He is as tall as Tsukasa and though he is a giftia, he looks like he is in his late teens/early 20s. Constance and Tsukasa get along very well, but do not talk as much.

Personality Edit

Constace is known for his gentle personality. He get along very well with other Terminal Service #1's staffs. He is seems to be a wise man, as shown when he talked to Tsukasa. He can gets along well with Kazuki, who was a tempered person.

Appearance Edit

Constance, as a giftia, has teens appearance. He has blue hair with red, rectangular glasses. Tsukasa at first did not know that Constance was a giftia. Like other staffs, he wears standard uniform of Terminal Service.

History Edit

Before the start of the series, Constance was selected as Kazuki's partner after her partnership with Isla disbanded.

At the first attendance of Tsukasa Mizugaki, Constance greet him warmly. He also tells him about giftia's lifespan as 81,920 hours or roughly 9 years and 4 months.

He once become Tsukasa's partner (in Kazuki's order). In a brief conversation, he also informs Tsukasa about Isla's contribution as the first Terminal Service staff to use the "emotional approach" before retrieving a giftia. Since then, Terminal Service #1 become the only Terminal Service branch office to use that method until now by Kazuki's request.

In the last episode, Constance drive with Kazuki to the amusement park to watch Isla and Tsukasa. After Isla being deactivated, Constance and other Terminal Service employees reads Isla's letter and shown speechless.

Relationships Edit

Kazuki Kuwanomi - As Kazuki's Marksman, Constance get along well with her. It is shown Constance is close to her.

Tsukasa Mizugaki - Constance is shown friendly with Tsukasa. He become a marksman for Tsukasa briefly after Kazuki disbanded Tsukasa and Isla partnership for a while.

Trivia Edit

  • Constance is known to play magic, it is briefly said by Kazuki in Episode 10 and shown in episode 12.
  • Constance has the most "normal" personality between the other Terminal Service staff

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